12 Ton Winch

12 ton winch is widely used for lifting the coal mine stone, laying the pipeline, pulling the mineral and lifting pile hammer. The winch has many advantages, compact structure, stable running, convenient operation, easy maintenance, low noise lever, long service life.

The winch is divided into three types: manual winch, electric winch and hydraulic winch. Now the electric type is mainly used. It can be used alone, also can be used for hoisting, road construction and mine hoisting machinery components. With features of simple operation, large amount of rope and convenience, it has wide application for construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mining, wharf and other material lifting or towing.

Our company, a professional winch manufacturer in China, provides types of winches, such as small winch, large winch, fast speed winch, slow speed winch, double drum winch, free fall pilling winch, constant tension winch.

12 Ton Winch AQ-JK Type Winch
12 Ton Winch AQ-JK Type Winch

AQ-JK Type Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t;

Wire rope capacity: 20~500 m;

Working speed: 20~35 m/min;

Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

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Types of 12 ton winch

12 ton winch mainly includes types as AQ-JM large tonnage slow speed winch, AQ-JK electric high speed winch, AQ-JKL manual controlled fast winding winch, electric controller manual controller dual-purpose winding winch. These winches can only be used on the ground, and can be modified for use on the board.

The winch has high versatility, compact structure, small volume, light weight, heavy load, easy use and transfer. It is widely used in construction, water conservancy projects, forestry, mining, wharf and other material lifting or towing, also can be used as modern electronic control automatic operation line supporting equipment. AQ-JM series belongs to gear reducer drive winch. It is applicable to civil construction and installation works of construction and installation companies, mining areas and factories.

AQ-JM 12 Ton Winch For Sale
AQ-JM 12 Ton Winch

AQ-JM Type Winch

Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t;

Wire rope capacity: 20~3600 m;

Working speed: 5~20 m/min;

Power supply: 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase;

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Slow speed winch: winch with rated speed of 7~12m/min for the wire rope on the drum.

Fast speed winch: the winch with the rated speed of steel wire rope on the drum about 30m/min.

Electric winch: the winch is powered by an electric motor and it rotates the drum through a driving device.

Speed regulation winch: a winch with adjustable speed control.

AQ-JK Electric 12 Ton Winch
AQ-JK Electric 12 Ton Winch

AQ-JK Type 12 Ton Winch
AQ-JK Type 12 Ton Winch

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Operation tips of 12 ton winch

1.The steel wire rope on the drum should be arranged neatly, if found overlapping and oblique winding, the user should stop to rearrange. Do not use your hands or feet to pull or step on the wire rope while rotating. The wire rope must not be let out completely, at least keep three turns.

2.The wire rope shall not be knotted or twisted, and shall be replaced when the broken wire exceeds 10% within a pitch.

3.During the operation, no one shall cross the wire rope. After the object (object) is lifted, the operator shall not leave the winch. Objects or hanging cages should be lowered to the ground when resting.

4.During the operation, the driver and signalman shall maintain good visibility with the lifting objects, and cooperate closely and obey the unified signal command.

5.In case of power failure during operation, the power should be cut off to lower the lifting object to the ground.

6.Listen to the command personnel’s signal during work, and the signal is unknown or may cause an accident. The operation should be suspended until the situation is clear.

7.Sudden power failure in the operation, should immediately pull the knife, will be transported down.

8.When the operation is completed, the material plate shall be landed and the electric box shall be closed and locked.

9. Pay attention to wire rope in the process of use and mechanical wear. Spontaneous combustion of corrosion local damage is inevitable, so brush protection oil regularly.

10.Overload use is strictly prohibited. That is to exceed the maximum carrying tonnage.

11. Pay attention to the use of the process, do not appear knotting, flattening, arc damage, erosion of chemical media.

12.High temperature objects shall not be directly hoisted. Protective plates shall be added for the objects with edges and corners.

13.The steel wire rope should be checked frequently during use and scrapped immediately if it reaches the scrapping standard.

Advantage of our winches

1. Customized design and solutions

Good at providing an economic solutions for customers

2. Factory price

No middlemen earn the difference

3. Good after-sales service

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Products are exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East, more than 30 countries and regions. Customers are satisfied with the products quality and service. They comment our winch a supplier worthy of cooperation.

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