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Lifting winch is designed and used on pulling or transporting materials or equipment, driven by hydraulic and electric power. A Power winch machine powered by hydraulic pump or driven by the electric motor usually has different load capacities. However, in any case, power winch machines are they widely used in a lot of occasions.

Of course, we can design and produce industrial winches with different tonnages and volts, such as 1 ton winch, 3 ton winch, 5 ton winch machine, 10 ton winch for sale, 30 ton winch, 50 ton winch, 100 ton winch, etc.

30 Ton Winch AQ-JK Type

30 Ton Winch

Our company not only provides various kinds of winches that are widely used in the factories, bridges, construction sites and ...
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25 Ton Winch For Sale

25 Ton Winch

You can choose three types of 25 ton winch from our manufacturer. All the three types of winch machine can ...
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10 Ton Winch

10 Ton Winch

10 ton winch is in the land and other places for use in a variety of projects of all kinds ...
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5 Ton Winch

5 Ton Winch Machine

If you want to have a high quality and factory price 5 tons winch, 5 ton winch machine of our ...
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3 Ton Lifting Winch

3 Ton Winch

If you are looking for high quality and cheap price 3 ton winch, our 3 ton winch will be your ...
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1 Ton Winch

1 Ton Winch

The rated lifting or drafting capacity of 1 ton winch is less than 1 ton. It is suitable for something ...
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Construction winches with different tonnages and volts can be customized and designed by our company. Our company, a reputable winch machine supplier, a professional and leading winch equipment supplier in China, our company only manufacture high-quality small hydraulic winch to cater for your lifting and transporting needs. Our company, as an industrial and trade integration company specializing in lifting equipment and construction machinery, has 55 years of industry history.

If you need customized electric rope winch for your lifting and transporting operation, just choose and cooperate with our company that is one of the experienced and reputable hydraulic winch machine manufacturers in China. We need the following details provided to customize the lifting winch: the maximum lifting capacity, the volt, the use occasion, etc. To know more about our electric power winch and other products, please contact us and you will be provided with all details about our products.

What’s more, the hydraulic hoist winch has many characteristics and features: large load capacity, easy and safe installation and operation, safe and reliable brake and clutch device, high work efficiency, variable speeds optional, etc.

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