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Electric power winch can be divided into many types based different standard, such as electric lifting winch, electric pulling winch, electric wire rope winch, lightweight electric winch, heavyweight electric winch, etc.

Mechanical winch for sale is a lifting equipment, which is used for handling materials, equipment and other things to reach destination. It is an ideal equipment to replace the traditional small winch relay and pull transport mode to realize the transportation of the whole hydraulic support and the mine various equipment. It can also be used for underground roadways and floors in metal mines, with low slope and fluctuating rail transit.

Variable Speed Electric And Hydraulic Winch For Sale

Variable Speed Winch

Variable speed winch can be divided into different types, such as high speed winch, middle speed winch machine and low ...
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AQ-JK Type Power Winch

Power Winch Machine

Power winch machine has an obvious advantage than any other type winch. It not only can use alone to lift ...
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Mining Winch For Sale

Mining Winch

The versatility of winches allow them to be used in a multitude of applications, including setting up rigs,pulling pipe, moving ...
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Lifting Winch For Sale

Lifting Winch

Lifting winch is the necessary part of vertical lifting crane machine. It can be used to do lifting, pulling and ...
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AQ-JK Type Winch Industrial Winch

Industrial Winch

Our manufacturer provides you five types of industrial winch. There are AQ-JM crane winch, AQ-JK crane winch, AQ-JKL type industrial ...
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AQ-JK Type Construction Winch

Construction Winch

Construction winch is in the land for use in a variety of projects of all kinds of electric industrial winch ...
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All the power winches of our manufacturer can be designed as electricity power system. And you can choose the specific one satisfy your need. For example, electric hoist winch. Electric hoist winch refers to winch being capable of handling large load capacities with variable speeds. However, each type of pulling winch can be installed with electric or hydraulic power system, which makes you electric cable pulling winch or hydraulic pulling winch. Pulling winch with electric power system suits for lifting tasks on land, or common industry. Hydraulic power winch usually with huge remote power, which can handle more heavy loads. You can choose the power you need, or contact us for better advice.

What’s more, it has small size, light weight and compact structure; and it is operated simply and is convenient and easy to automate. The length of rope of each winch crane can be adjusted to meet the needs of different working conditions. In a word, all types of variable speed winches have these advantages: reliable and reputable manufactures; professional designers, manufacturing personnel, transportation team, etc.; perfect after-sales service; various types and capacities; good performance; advanced technology; high security; low failure rate and less maintenance; powerful lifting capacity; long service life, etc. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

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