High Speed Hydraulic Winch

High speed hydraulic winch is often used in construction site far away water, because of engine winch does not have good water proof function. However, if you may use hydraulic engine winch that may touch water, we can use water proof material and marine hydraulic motor to improve the waterproof grade of you winch machine. hydraulic engine winch consists of motor, coupling, brake, gear box and winch drum. All main part are fixed on winch mount. Engine winch of hydraulic type is able to carry heavy loads of high lifting height. Moreover, our engine winch can make sure perfect speed control performance under busy lifting condition. And its empty hook decline ability is great. For sensitive material, our engine winch can decline in an inching speed. We provide you hydraulic engine winch of six types.

High Speed Hydraulic Winch For Sale
High Speed Hydraulic Winch

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High speed hydraulic winch from our company

Except common engine winch, we provide you special winches including recovery winch, crane winch, portable winch, worm gear winch, air winch, pneumatic winch, cheap winch, electric hoist winch, miniature winch, cable winch and high speed hydraulic winch. High speed hydraulic winch has two winch drums, which helps the winch machine do go and back movement, which means your loads can be transported and transported back. High speed hydraulic winch can carry heavy loads that match with derrick and portable frame. Portable winch is easy to carry and space saving. It can work by hand in case sudden brake losing control. Cheap winches are special designed for buyers who chasing for price. However, cheap price does not mean poor quality. Our company promises you that you can get best quality with economical price. Miniature winch is tiny in size, its winch rope and motor are in the same axis. You can choose a miniature winch if you have limited plant space.

Hydraulic Winch Manufacturer
Hydraulic Winch

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Hydraulic engine winch

Hydraulic engine winch of heavy rated capacity often adopts to hydraulic power system. Generally speaking, you can choose to make your winch a hydraulic power system when its rated load is more than 10n tons and lower than 5000 tons. Hydraulic winch uses oil as working medium, it passes motion by the change of seal volume. Then, it is driven by the pressure inside the oil. Small engine winch we apply you capstan winch, miniature winch and AQ-JKD type engine winch. All of the three winch machine has small size, which makes it easy to carry. They have compact structure, easy to operate and maintain. Capstan winch is to do anchoring and mooring task in ship and coast. You can choose single speed, double speed and three speed capstan with stand type and horizontal type. Miniature winch has it motor and winch rope on the same axis, so its size is short and easy to carry. AQ-JKD type winch adopts planetary transmission, which helps AQ-JKD winch works stably and bears heavier loads.

Basically, we adopts electricity to construction winch (winch is used in land). And for winch that used in ship or marine, we usually adopts hydraulic power. You can also choose the hydraulic power for your winch used in ship or coast. If you have any special need, please contact us, and we will make your special winch machine design.

Features of high speed hydraulic winch

1.Both large and small winch machine from our company are with reasonable design and compact structure,which ensures the easy operation and control of the winches;

2.Our winches with different types have high versatility, and they can be used on various occasions to suit different working conditions, and they have wide range of load capacities;

3.Because of the reasonable design with advanced technology by professional engineers, all our construction winches with large tonnages and small tonnages are with light dead weight, and they are easy to install and move;

4.Our hydraulic and electric winches are with good quality and competitive price;

5.To suit special work requirements, we customize the winch machine according to our customers working conditions and needs;

6.With our careful and excellent design, our winches can function well during the service life and requires easy and less maintenance, which can save time and money for the clients.

Why Choose Aicrane?

Our company is a reliable and reputable winch machine supplier, and the high speed hydraulic winch provided by us have high quality, the rated load of the winch can reach up to 600T, and the lifted high speed hydraulic winch can be used on many sites.

For more information about how to choose suitable high speed hydraulic winch and how to keep it in good conditions, contact us to know further about our products. We produce high speed hydraulic winch with high quality which can ensure its high efficiency and long term use for lifting and transporting operations. Our company has produced and customized high speed hydraulic winch for a long time and has clients all over the world. The clients have been satisfied with our products since they purchased products from us, and some of them have cooperated with us again and ordered more products from us. No matter you want to select high speed hydraulic winch with large or small tonnages, you can just get the right and quality one with very reasonable price. Feel free to contact us for more information on our high speed hydraulic winch for sale.

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