Hydraulic Cable Winch

The design of this type of hydraulic cable winch makes the machine having a compact structure, and small size, light duty deadweight. Besides, this design makes the power winch machine easy to move and set each corner of your factory. You can use it on different industry like construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining and port. With this equipment, the material and object of this occasion will be lifted up and down easily.

Why you get a hydraulic cable winch?

About why you need to have a hydraulic cable winch, you should know theses following factors:
(1) Reduce the consumption cost of manpower and material resources;
(2) Provide convenience for the maintenance and repair of the equipment;
(3) Extend the service life of the equipment you lift;
(4) Reduce the occurrence probability of accidents;
(5) Ensure the accurate operation of the lifting and pulling;

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Kinds of cable winch

1. According to the power, the winch is divided into three categories: pneumatic, manual, electric and hydraulic;

2. Classification by use can be divided into construction winch and ship winch;

3. According to functions, the winch can be divided into: ship winch, engineering winch, mine winch, cable winch, etc;

4. According to the form of drum, it is divided into single drum and double drum;

5. According to the distribution of the drum, it is divided into two parallel spools and two front and rear spools;

6.Special type winch are: frequency conversion winch, double drum winch, hand brake lever type double brake winch, led stop hoist, electric hoist, electric hand brake clutch winch, large double cylinder double brake winch, large external gear winch, hydraulic winch, large external gear with winch rope winch, double traction wheel, large hydraulic double cylinder double brake winch, frequency band stop rope winch;

7.AQ-JM slow/low speed hoist winch is mainly used for hoisting, unloading and towing heavy goods. Installation and dis-assembly of heavy and medium weight, steel structure and mechanical equipment. It is applicable to civil construction and installation works of construction and installation companies, mining areas and factories, as well as installation of various Bridges, ports, wharves and other road and bridge engineering equipment. The windlass can also be used to lift, drag and mooring on ships;

8.AQ-JK hydraulic cable winch is mainly used for lifting materials, hauling weights and lifting cranes during construction. Suitable for civil construction and small equipment installation in buildings, mining areas and factories;

9.AQ-JKD hydraulic hoist winch is a new type of hoist with planetary drive. It has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low noise and long service life. Widely used in building construction, docks, lifting and installation of Bridges, metallurgical and other industries, in line with national GB/T10055-1996 construction lifter safety rules and the state industry standard JGJ88-92 hoist safety technical specification requirements, etc.

Advantages of our power boat winch

1.Reliable and reputable manufactures;
2.Professional designers, manufacturing personnel, transportation team, etc.;
3.Perfect after-sales service;
4.various types and capacities;
5.Good performance;
6.Advanced technology;
7.High security;
8.Low failure rate and less maintenance;
9.Powerful lifting capacity;
10.Long service life, etc.;

Hoisting rules of power winch machine

1.For rolling loading and unloading of mobile equipment for civil construction, the thickness of the rollers should be consistent, and the annual width of the rollers should be 50cm longer than that of the bracket row. It is strictly prohibited to fill the rollers with gloves;

2.When loading and unloading car piping shall not be greater than 20 ° slope, raceway, authors should level off, solid, staggered joint, scrolling speed should not be too fast, slip line should be used when necessary;

3.In the process of installation, if any problem is found, timely measures should be taken, and the lifting should be continued after handling. With boom lifting large tower equipment, many sets of hoist joint operation, must demand the hoist lifting speed is roughly same, to ensure that the lifting point on the tower body force tend to be roughly evenly, avoiding the tower body stress uneven deformation;

4.By the methods of rotary or down when hoisting tower tank, installed at the bottom;

5. of the tower body is hinged wrist must have resistance of horizontal thrust generated in the process of lifting capacity, lifting process around the tower body of the rope must be strong, the tower body when turning in place highly, make it slowly fell into the foundation, to avoid accidents and deformation;

6.When installing equipment on the frame or on the building, its strength and stability shall meet the requirements of installation conditions;

7.After the installation and positioning of the equipment, the connection should be tightened or welded according to the requirements of the drawings. After the strength and stability of the design requirements are met, the decoupling can be realized, otherwise, temporary fixation should be carried out, etc.

A professional supplier of lifting winch

As one of reliable and professional construction winch suppliers, our company has professional teams with skilled engineers and highly trained workers, and have well-equipped factories for manufacturing electric hoist winches in accordance with customers’ meets. And our engineers pay much attention to every detail in design and production process in accordance with customers’ demands and requirements,such as capacity and using conditions. They mainly focus on structure design, choice of hydraulic components and hydraulic system and so on.

Over the years, our crane, winch, gourd, mining winch and other products have been sold overseas, and have been well received by customers. Therefore, choosing us is your best choice. It is because of the quality of our winch machine, good performance and after-sales service, which has been unanimously approved by the customer. We provide free installation, technology, operation and other training. What’s more, whenever you have a problem, you can consult, and we will reply to you immediately and help you solve it. On this basis, our company has also made permanent cooperation with many customers.

Therefore, if you want to get a hydraulic cable winch to improve the efficiency and make your lifting and transporting work easier and more simple, please contact us now for more information and details.

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