Small Hydraulic Winch

Small hydraulic winch refers to winch voltage of light materials or equipment. All types of hydraulic winch machine of our group can be designed as light weight winch. You can choose any winch of small hydraulic winch. Our company provides you five types of winch to make a choice. What’s more, each our winch has its own features and advantages.

Parts of small hydraulic winch

A small lifting device used to hoist a steel wire rope or chain or lift equipment with heavy weight. The winch can lift vertically, horizontally or tilt the weight. The industrial winch is divided into manual industrial winch and electric construction winch. Now it is dominated by electric winch. It can be used alone, and it can also be used for lifting, building roads and mine hoisting machinery. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large amount of rope and convenient displacement. It is mainly used in building, hydraulic engineering, forestry, mining, wharf, etc. Construction winch mainly consists of the following parts: motor, triangle belt, transmission shaft, gear, reel, steel wire rope, fixed pulley, movable pulley, crane hook, brake, bearing, etc.

Small Hydraulic Winch For Sale
Small Hydraulic Winch

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Different types of small hydraulic winch

Our company provides you five types of small hydraulic winch to lift and pull loads, and all the winch has their own unique features. AQ-JM winch belongs to dual purpose winch. Since it can not only use on land including construction site, bridge building project and assembling project, but also used wildly on ships and coast to play an anchoring and mooring role. AQ-JK type winch is fast speed winch, which suits for long distance and fast speed transporting. Besides, you can also use it to match with a derrick and a portable frame. AQ-JKL winch plays a piling role in small and medium construction sites. It helps piling lands. Moreover, AQ-JKD type small hydraulic winch has smallest size of our company, you can choose it if you want to save your plant’s space. Lastly, it you want to transport large and super large steel structure, AQ-JMM winch will be your best choice, its constant winch rope and perfect balance ability contribute to your transport task.

Hydraulic Pump Station
Hydraulic Pump Station

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How to select a suitable small hydraulic winch?

When you need to select a hydraulic winch with high quality, and it is need to be suitable for your requirements, you will have the following questions and it will not be easy to make a final decision. There are many things you need to consider before you make the selection, and here are some tips for choosing a quality and suitable winch machine:

It is vital to remember construction winch quality comes first. No matter what tonnages, what types and what volts of winch you want to buy, you must be sure that the quality of the winch machine itself is there, without good quality, and you purchase will not be a smart one.

Know well about the working needs. For example, if you don’t know the working load of hydraulic winch you need, you will not get a suitable one for you. Make sure the industrial winch you choose is professional and reputable . You will not want to get a winch product from those who have little experience in winch machine business because you may end up with a low-quality winch machine.

Do some research online and ask people for advice. Nowadays, it is convenient to get as much information as you need online, while you are going to buy a construction winch, it is important to do research to know more about the winch you need and to ask the people who have purchased and used it for some advice, you can also get some information on the hydraulic winch from some professional staff.

Safety requirements of small hydraulic winch

1.Set up the operating shed and ensure that the operator can see the conductor and the objects that are dragging or lifting. The construction, scaffolding and site stacking materials, components and so on shall not affect the driver’s monitoring of the whole process within the operation scope. Operating tents in hazardous operating areas shall meet the requirements of the protective shelter at the top.

2. Solid foundation
Industrial winch should as far as possible away from dangerous operations area, choose the higher ground, soil solid, buried anchor winch wire rope and hoist fastens its seat. The front should be piling, prevention and control of hoist movement and capsized.

3. Drum direction
For drum and guide pulley center, the distance from the drum to the first guide pulley, according to the rules is: grooved drum should be more than 15 times of the width of the reel, slot-less reel should be more than 20 times, in order to prevent the drum steel wire rope fault fold each other during operation and guide wheel flange and steel wire rope wear.

Wire rope of small hydraulic winch

The wire rope should be drawn from the bottom of the drum. The wire rope on the tube should be arranged in order, and should be kept at least 5 times when working. The outermost wire rope should be lower than the diameter of a wire rope. There are two common fixing methods: one is a wedge hole in the winch, and the wire rope is fixed in the hole through a wedge joint. The other is to have holes in the side baffle of the industrial winch drum, and the steel wire rope’s head is worn out and the screw is pressed to the outside of the side plate of the drum. Other methods have not been seen for the time being.

Why choose our manufacturer?

Our company is professional. We have been in winch area for years, and as the leading force of China’s winch business, we can handle all the problems that you may meet in your purchasing and after sale process. Our winch machine is of high quality with cheap price, you will get a quiet good cost performance if you choose us. Interested in our lifting winch, why not click the inquiry to get yourself one?

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